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PT Codes and Billing Secrets

PT codes and billing secrets, a step-by-step course on how to maximize reimbursement for physical and occupational therapists. First of all, it's important for you to understand the basic principle that physical therapy billing is not a science but an art.

"Most physical therapy practices under bill (and use wrong codes), and therefore get underpaid.  It's common seeing therapists spend over an hour with a patient and only bill for 2-3 units of care." -James Ko, PT/National Billing Instructor

To illustrate this principle, let's look at a simple procedure of showing a patient how to perform an oblique abdominal sit-up.  If you are teaching a patient this exercise for the purpose of increasing strength and flexibility, you can bill the cpt code 97110 (therapeutic exercises). However, if you are showing the patient this exercise for the purpose of facilitating dissociative movement between the lumbar and thoracic segments thereby improving proprioception, you can bill the cpt code 97112 (neuromuscular reeducation). If you are showing the patient this exercise for the purpose of improving functional performance of getting out of bed, you can bill the cpt code 97530.

So, there are a variety of ways you can bill for this procedure, and depending on your intent, there is a proper cpt code to use. There is a best cpt code to use, and there is one that typically pays higher than another, depending on the insurance. This skill of knowing what codes to use and maximizing reimbursement by using the best and highest paying codes can significantly increase your reimbursement. You must, however, make sure to justify your treatment intentions and document them properly in order to avoid scrutiny later.

Most common physical therapy cpt codes:

97001 Physical Therapy Evaluation
97002 Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation
97110 Therapeutic exercises
97140 Manual Therapy (ie. STM, JM)
97530 Therapeutic Activities: Use of dynamic activities to improve functional performance
97535 Self-care/home management training (ie. ADL's, safety procedures, instructions)
97112 Neuromuscular Re-education
97113 Aquatic therapy
97116 Gait training
97124 Massage
97014 Electrical stimulation
97012 Traction, mechanical
97010 Hot or cold packs
97033 Iontophoresis
97035 Ultrasound
97034 Contrast bath
97036 Hubbard tank
97139 Unlisted procedure
97039 Unlisted modality

Don't waste money!  Get a comprehensive list of all physical therapy codes without buying the large book (which costs over $100) when attending our course.  The CPT codes that are used for physical therapy and occupational therapy services take up only a couple of pages.  Other important resources to help improve billing.

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Take the PT Codes, Billing, Collections and Appealing Denials Secrets course near you to learn more on how to improve your billing and collection practices.

pt codes, physical therapy codes

This course will share the Top 10 Coding Tips and Secrets that most practices do not know and are not benefiting from. You can truly become a master in physical therapy billing, and show others how to bill and code properly, in any therapy field. These coding tips and lessons can help increase your income by 30-40% without the need to increase patient volume or expense!

If you are serious about success in the physical therapy or occupational therapy field, you MUST take this class.

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Maximizing Reimbursement

Is there really a way to maximize reimbursement?

IMPORTANT Learn all the secrets to Medicare's MPPR AND TRANSMITTAL 826 Don't be fooled, you can work around it and keep reimbursement high! 

What is the insurance company "Short List" and how do I get on it?

How do I get my staff therapists to bill correctly and maximally?

Are there really CPT codes that pay better than others?

How to track which CPT codes pay best for which payer

How to take advantage of payer review policies

What are modifiers?  And how do they help me maximize billing?

Is it better to use a billing service or do my billing in-house?

Eliminating Your Accounts Receivable (A/R)

What to do if your claim comes back denied.

How to respond to STALLING TACTICS, such as:

- "Not Medically Necessary"

- "Not usual, customary, or reasonable"

- "Untimely filing" denial

- "Benefits exhausted" denial'

- and the dreaded, "Need more information"!

You can win the game and we'll show you how!

Is my biller doing the right things?  Is my billing service doing all they could be doing to get my money?

Streamlining Your Procedures

How to gather data efficiently

Getting your entire staff involved in the process without creating errors

Outsourcing -vs- Doing it in-house

When should I consider outsourcing my billing?

How do I know which billing service is good?

What is the BEST software to use if I do it in-house?

How do I choose a billing service or company?

What's a good rate to pay a billing service?

And much much more....

"I would say nearly 80% of all PT and OT practices are vulnerable should their billing practices ever get audited or scrutinized." -James Ko, PT/National Billing Instructor

Audit-Proofing Your Billing

Am I in danger should I ever get audited?

Know what auditors and the Physical Therapy Board is looking for, and more importantly, know why they are becoming religious about investigating small practices.

Know what they are doing to increase prosecutions

Do you really know how to bill legally and correctly?

Coding Strategies and Secrets

ICD-10 Made Easy!

Time-based codes versus NON time-based

One-on-One CPT codes, how to use them

Skilled -vs- Non-skilled services

How do I bill for the services provided by an aide?  Can I?

What's a good fee schedule for an occupational therapist clinic? Physical therapy clinic?


G-Codes and Functional Limitation Reporting Made Easy! (Quick Tip Here)

Should you "Accept Assignment" or no?  Do I have a choice?

Can you get red flagged for audit?  If so, how?

What to do if you get audited

How to bill for a re-evaluation (97002) and get paid.

Billing for Group Therapy

How many patients can I see at the same time, legally?

Can I utilize an Aide with Medicare patients?  Is it allowed?

Can I bill for the services provided by an Aide?

Where do I get the list of "Exempt Diagnosis from the Medicare Cap?""

What are the best codes to bill for Medicare?

How to AVOID audit with Medicare

Cash Paying Patients (the wave of the future)physical therapy billing, occupational therapist, cpt codes, pt and ot

How to correct your facility FEE SCHEDULE, and the importance of doing this immediately!

How to legally create a DISCOUNTED fee schedule for CASH PAYING patients and not be vulnerable if ever audited.

Super bill -or- Fee slip, which is better?

Insurance-based services -vs- Elective services -vs- Supersize services, (this one will blow your mind!)

What are modifiers?  How do they help me maximize billing?

TAG (Therapist Advocacy Group)

Who are they and why is it important to you?


This course is A MUST for every physical therapy and occupational therapy practice owner, biller, clinician, administrator, and managers.  You will suffer as the climate of healthcare changes if you don't take it and gain access to the tools and strategies.

PT and OTs must improve their collecting abilities in order to preserve the value of our services.  Physical therapists consistently rank at the bottom of the list in our abilities to collect for our services (as compared to physicians, chiropractors, dentists, etc.).

Do yourself and our industry a favor and register now!

Take a Physical Therapy Billing and/or Private Practice Success course NOW!

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No-Penalty with Early Cancellation!


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